About Us


Welcome to The RR Haywood Store Of Mystery And Wonder!

This store is entirely run by my partner Hannah and I, from our home on the Isle of Wight. I design all of the items, and Hannah deals with the orders, packaging and sending them out.  That means it might take us a bit longer than ACME SUPPLIES OF EVIL to get things out to you.

We're also going to try and use as little plastic as possible and use eco-friendly packaging where possible.

Please do keep in mind that I have set the prices as low as we can, but are not BIG-PHARMA so we don't have the buying power to buy in bulk. Plus postage costs are nuts right now! It's insanely expensive for a small business to send anything to anyone. That's why we've really tried to keep our packaging and weights as low as possible. 

If there is anything you'd like to see in the store then drop Hannah a line at info@rrhaywood.com

Anywho! I really hope you like the store. Happy browsing and happy shopping!

Much love

Rich x